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Several solutions are offered to an owner when he is facing a debt. He can request a repurchase of credit proprio without mortgage and that mortgage which each have their peculiarities and their advantages. for clarification

The repurchase of credit without mortgage

The repurchase of credit without mortgage

His characteristics :

It is possible to opt for this choice for the restructuring of its mortgage or consumer. It will therefore be up to the borrower to make available his income and to guarantee the regular payment of the monthly payments.

How to get it?

How to get it?

For the file to be considered, certain parameters must be taken into account. Among them, there is the maximum of guarantees like the guarantor or the co-borrower or his pay for a civil servant. There is also the reassuring banking history, there is no recurring discoveries nor inability to repay debts.

The fact of being stuck at the Bank of France is a blockage because it will be deduced that there are risks of difficulty repayment. To benefit from the loan consolidation, it is necessary to gain the trust of the banker who studies the file and who will make the decision.

The mortgage buyout

The mortgage buyout

What is it?

It is proposed to the owners of a property so that they can consolidate their loans through a mortgage. This is a guarantee for the bank and will offer the offer. Thus, by being an owner, there is more luck than being a tenant.


It has two advantages, the first of which concerns the applicant. It allows them to reduce monthly payments and allows them without difficulty. The credit pool presented in the form of a bonded or mortgage restructured loan has a higher interest rate than consumer loans.

The ceiling is higher and is set according to the value of the property. Depreciation is of longer duration compared to the repurchase of tenant credit.

As for the second benefit, it is for the benefit of the bank which benefits from a guarantee of payment with the mortgage. She will take possession of the property if the borrower fails to pay his monthly payments.

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